The magic began in 1996 when our founder, Gretchen, was intrigued by an article in Martha Stewart Magazine on the century-old techniques of candle making. She ​decided to give it a go in her Chicago kitchen and ​had so much fun creating ​for her friends ​that she decided to ​pursue her entreprenueral dreams and spend her days building a fabulous team, ​​developing fragrances, ​& ​​​finding reusable vessels for the perfect candle​.​ A couple trade shows later​, and ​we were in business! What started as a ‘knickknack, paddywhack’ hobby developed into our beloved, Paddywax.

Our philosophy has always been “work must be fun”, and we are so proud to stay that 19 years later, our team is still having a blast! This attitude translates across the entire Paddywax team from the factory production room to our marketing, design, & operational teams and even our wonderful customers—like you! I’d like to think our candles are pretty fun, too.